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AWAKEN your sensual energy and breathe new life into your world with Harmony Tantra Session One AWAKEN! Sense yourself alive again as you open to a part of you that has been asleep with this deeply soothing and relaxing session. You will feel your energy move in a new way, opening your chakras and stimulating a flow of energy in a new, yet familiar manner.

Harmony Tantra session one will gently awaken the kundalini and energize your chakras. Kundalini is a sacred and vital, sensual energy that when tapped into will cleanse and balance the chakras, the energy centers of the body, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed from the inside out.


Session One Red Lotus Flower


Through energetic strokes and meditative guidance into the purifying Tantric breath, session one will help cleanse and balance the energy of the body, moving out the energetic blockages that are holding us back in our life. Feel yourself drift into a dream like state as the soothing voice of your goddess navigates you through the seven energy centers of the body and beyond.

The inner voices will quiet and you will find peace in your heart, peace in your body, and peace in your mind as your practitioner skillfully assists in the gentle, yet profound stimulation of the kundalini through the art of Tantric Energetics. Deep states of relaxation and rejuvenation actualize as the nervous system calms with every breath you take, moving out the stress and negative energy at a core level.

Calming music, tantric breath, sensual movements, and guided visualizations are all key elements that will purify the heart, body, and mind, helping you to create a life you desire and to regain a calm control over yourself that is your natural birth right.


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