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Session Three


ENERGIZE your life as you feel completely nurtured by this long, lingering session of sensual movements, relaxation, and overall rejuvenation in Session Three, ENERGIZE. Celebrate yourself, body, mind, and being in this amazingly blissful session that assists you in sensing your whole being as sensual manifestation.



Harmony Session Three

Nurture You

Session Three utilizes the key elements of sessions one and two and moves to a very comfortable, cushioned surface on the floor. You will become aware of the lingering energy of your Goddess as she skillfully glides her body around yours, magnificently stirring your energy, exquisitely and powerfully, with compelling and unique techniques such as body glides and Yab Yum, leaving you feeling completing nourished and re-energized.

Observe the natural rhythms of your body as you submerse into total relaxation through the essence of your Goddess as she works closer to you and the greater consciousness of your being.

Your energy continues to enliven as your Goddess quietly guides you through this extremely nurturing session of total embodiment as you notice every one of your sense’s peaked and you are at one with your greater divinity


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