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Tantra Couples Session

Couples Workshop

In our Couple Workshop learn how to gift your partner the massage that we give here at Harmony Tantra.

Couples Workshops are an amazing was to strengthen new relationships, enhance existing relationships or bring new life to one that is on neutral or waning.

These workshops strengthen the bond and awareness between the two of you, creating a true intimacy that most don’t experience!

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The Art Of Touch

At Harmony Tantra discover the ability to find your magic. Tap into your inner awareness and knowing to gently touch and please your partner.

When were you ever truly taught to touch? One of the most important yet neglected art between two people.

Now more than ever is a time we need to reconnect through the greatness of touch and to learn the trust and vulnerability that goes along with it!

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Harmony Private Sessions


Harmony is the author of the best-selling book Meditations 101. Her book is all about meditating with ease and incorporating this into your everyday living without having to change a thing about your own routine. Her book was born from seeing her own clients struggle with stress and coping with their everyday lives.

Check out this latest workshop and discover simple ways to de-stress and have inner calm throughout your day.

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Get Your Goddess On

Discover your inner beauty as we explore the elegance of being. Guided meditations, beauty rituals and more that will get you in touch with your inner Goddess!

Learn to honor yourself in your life and relationships and discover a true intimacy and nurturing like you have never before experienced.

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Harmony Buddha

Tantra Online!

Your Invitation

To Choose

  • What Would You Like to Create?
  • Would You Like More Self-Confidence?
  • Improved Relationships? 
  • Less Stress?


Your Energy

Harmony Tantra workshops restore your well-being and confidence. You will learn tools and techniques that you can utilize in your everyday living to improve your relationships, work flows and simply feel better in your body.

Side effects are more joy and inner calm!


What They Say

“Harmony my wife and are communicating so much better since your workshop and we are having better sex than ever. Thank you!”

“Thank you Harmony! I learned so much about meditating. I can’t wait to put these new tools into practice.”

“I have been so much more confident since this class. Truly life-changing!”

“I used to be so nervous around women and now I have a restored confidence and well being as to how to communicate and actually touch with confidence.”

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