Goddess Mia


San Antonio, TX


Majestic Goddess Mia is a Holistic Health Wellness Coach who has helped hundreds successfully regain their health and reclaim their quality of life back.  She has also perfected her craft and sensual spirit as a Tantra Energy Healer and Esthetic Care Professional. 

Mia has been in the energy and health industry for over 20 years. She is known throughout the industry as an advocate of health and dynamic beauty with a sensual majestic soul.  She is passionate to loving you divinely to create your majestic sensual soul, while awakening your sexual being by unblocking the stressful strongholds that do not allow us to excel in our daily lives. 

Her majestic nature has origins in the Latin word majestatem, meaning beloved, greatness, dignity, honor, and excellence; lovely, handsome, beautiful, proposing, charming ,engaging, ravishing, gorgeous, wonderful, delicious, delectable, bewitching, and wonderfully dreamy; heavenly on the eyes.  It is a word often used to describe things connected with kings and queens, whom we often address as, “Majesty” or ”Your Majestic Goddess Mia”.

The pure essence of Mia’s session and training is working with tantric energy.  Which in turn deepens your presence to energy and that your sensual energy may awaken in response to a loving space. Tantra is merging the individual consciousness into infinite consciousness.  Mia combines solo and couples tantric practices and practices (yoga breathing and sexual energy qigong) work. Her sessions combine dance, movement therapy, meditation, touch, breath work and meditation rituals.  Majestic Goddess Mia will nurture your soul.  She lives by the motto:

“One mind feed it.  One life live it. One body respect it”.

Benefits of Mia’s session include:

  • Staying relaxed in a high state of sensual arousal which gives more energy to sexual awareness of healing, seductive, romance, intimate, sensual touch
  • One’s consciousness becomes more subtle through deep meditation
  • Mind, Body, and Soul are healed through sacred sessions
  • Profound loving energy immerses to all relationship’s in life
  • The 7 Chakra’s are opened to produce a radical change in consciousness