Couples Workshop

Online workshops are an amazing way to re-ignite the spark between you and your partner or enhancing you already amazing relationship!

Learn how to practice Authentic Tantra together from the comfort of your own home and breathe new life into your world!

$700 – 180min

The Art of Touch

When were you ever truly taught to touch? One of the most important yet neglected art between two people.

A dynamic workshop to further your Tantric experience and open your sense’s in ways you never imagined.

$299 – 90min

True Intimacy

Learn what it is to have true intimacy in your life and your relationships.

Delightfully ecstatic and nurturing.

Enlighten, enliven, and energize your world when you begin to bring these energies into your life and living.

$299 – 90min

Meditation Basic’s

Harmony is a trained meditation teacher and author of Meditations 101.

In this beginners workshop she brings to you the basics to begin your meditation practice in as little as a few minutes a day!

$300 – 120min

Get Your Goddess On

Immerse your being into discovering your beauty inside and out with this fun and playful workshop. 

Filled with dance, meditation, beauty rituals and more to ignite your fire and bring out you inner goddess!

$599 – 240min

Meditation Intermediate

Once you have completed the Meditations Basic’s workshop you can further advance your skills with this next one!

Dive in deeper to your practice of meditations with and endless area of tools and techniques to keep yo balanced and centered everyday!

$300 – 120min


Benefits of Workshops

Bring Tantra into your life from wherever you are in the world! All of our workshops are available online.

Many of my clients have reported increased happiness, less stress and anxiety. Improve your relationships, health, increase productivity, relax, rejuvenate and renew your overall zest for life from wherever you are at in the world! 

Workshops & Online Courses


Full Day Package

Are you looking to truly immerse and have a getaway? Our full day packages are a combination of all six levels. Spend a day with your Goddess and receive benefits that will last for weeks if not months.  Please call for pricing and availability. These sessions require a 50% deposit and must be booked advance. 


Custom Packages Available

Don’t see a workshop on the schedule? Contact us for available time or custom dates. Workshops can be a great addition to retreat or day of relaxing. Our Goddess workshop is a great addition to a bachelorette party or wedding celebration! Available Online


What They Say

“Thank you Goddess for a blissful serene and relaxing session today.”

“Thank you Harmony! I have had chronic elbow pain for years. I woke up after our session yesterday and my elbow pain is completely gone. You are an amazing healer!”

“Thank you Harmony! After beginning the advanced sessions with you, my relationship with my partner is so much greater.”

“I have never felt so relaxed in my life. Wow! Thank you!”

Come On In

Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Tantra Workshop