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Sexual dysfunctions are a common occurrence in sexually active men these days. Sexual dysfunction can occur at any age. As with many concerns that we experience, one of the most common causes of sexual dysfunctions results from stress being created in the body.  This stress manifests these concerns in our energy, effecting the functioning of our nervous system, thereby throwing off our sexual functions.


Tantra Sexual Dysfunction

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Whether you are experiencing PE, ED, hypo or hyper sexuality, or sexual addiction, these are all results from energetic stress that cause imbalances in our nervous system. When our nervous system gets out of balance so does the rhythm of life lose it’s balance. This inhibits correct breathing patterns, causes shallowness in our breath, basically we breath incorrectly. The breath ends up contracting our body instead of expanding it, creating more stress, anxiety and general fear about life.

When this energetic stress is allowed to lift out of the body, the nervous system is allowed to calm, we are in touch with our body and breath and the physical concerns caused by this energetic stress begin to release and move out of the body. Healing occurs and you can actually sense the stress alleviate and experience genuine relief. You regain a calm control over your life and sexual functioning that is your inherent birth right.

A key element of Harmony Tantra to allow the nervous system to become more deeply relaxed is the breath. Our breath moves our energy, it keeps us in touch with our body and our inner knowing. When our breathing patterns become disrupted, not only can it cause dis-ease in the body, it can effect our capacity to make decisions about our life and move forward. Breath awareness is a key element to the health of your body


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