Goddess Harmony


Midtown, Chelsea, Outcall


Harmony travels to various cities across the NE and throughout the country such as Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Boston and Columbus and more!

Phone Consultations are available, Please email to set up a time.

I am the Goddess of order and understanding, bringing balance in the outer world as well as your inner world. Born to the God of War and the Goddess of Love I am the creation that is to bring Harmony to all. I am the love that unites all people and that can unify you with the sensual energy you hold within.

My mottos are trust, sharing, love, harmony, and perfection…

Trust- Trust me to guide you into your sacred space and find that trust within yourself.
Share- Let me share with you how to ignite the passionate energy that is your divine birthright to share with yourself and others.
Love- I will show you how to love yourself and the beauty of your inner desires as well as your physical body. When we love ourselves, we love all.
Harmony- I will help you find harmony and peace with your sensual nature.
Perfection- We are all perfect beings created in the eye and likeness of our beholder, united as one.

We are all perfect creations looking for guidance to understand ourselves and reconnect with our sensuality. Through my healing touch, breathing techniques and energetics I will assist you in finding balance and harmony with your sensual energy. Together we will explore the world of Tantra to soothe your soul and awaken your mind-body connection.

Being involved with Yoga and the healing arts for many years, and specializing in the chakras, meditation, and breathing I can help you manifest all your desires! Let me take you on a journey of the senses to ignite your sexuality, renew your passions for life and tap into your creative source all while nourishing your mind, body, and soul!