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Thank you for visiting Harmony Tantra! Harmony Tantra and Tantric Energetics has come into existence through my life long journey and study of being. Harmony means balance and when we create more balance in our lives we become happier, feel lighter, attract more meaningful relationships, and we can heal dis-ease in our body. Don’t you want to feel better about your body, about yourself, and about others? The Energetics of the Harmony Tantra Sessions can do just that.

I am a facilitator of Tantra, Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, and the Kama Sutra Dance. I have also done a year long, intensive apprenticeship program in working with energy inside and outside of the body. Through Harmony Tantra and Tantric Energetics I bring you a body of work that can change your life.

We are all perfect creations looking for guidance to understand ourselves and reconnect with our sensuality. Through my healing touch, breathing techniques and energetics I will assist you in finding balance and harmony with your sensual energy. Together we will explore the world of Tantra to soothe your soul and awaken your mind-body connection.


So Much to Think About. So Little Time.

Trust- Trust me to guide you into your sacred space and find that trust within yourself.

Share- Let me share with you how to ignite the passionate energy that is your divine birthright to share with yourself and others.

Care- I will show you how to care yourself and the beauty of your inner desires as well as your physical body. When we care ourselves, we have kindness for all.

Harmony- I will help you find harmony and peace with your sensual nature.

Perfection- We are all perfect beings created in the eye and likeness of our beholder, united as one.


Relax, receive, de-stress and learn something new.

Being involved with Yoga and the healing arts for many years, and specializing in the chakras, meditation, and breathing I can help you manifest all your desires! Let me take you on a journey of the senses to ignite your sensuality, renew your passions for life and tap into your creative source all while nourishing your mind, body and being!

Private Sessions

Tantra massage is a sophisticated, unique form of massage that incorporates the use of energy and is not comparable to any other forms of massage.

Many of my clients have reported relief from chronic pains, increased virility, increased performance in sexual functioning as well as increased athletic performance and work productivity. Improved relationships, health, increased happiness, relief from depression and stress, decreased anxiety and an overall zest for life are the amazing side effects you receive!

Online Workshops

I offer workshops on a variety of topics all of which are availabe online. My workshops can assist you to create greater relationships, more intimacy, awareness, better sex and self-esteem, just to list a few benefits!

Trainings & Classes

Energize your practice and your world by adding the teachings of Harmony Tantra.  You can charge more money by adding this specialty skill or subtly adding in the techniques to the practice you already offer.  The skills and techniques you learn not only benefit a holistic practice they can enhance your life as well.

If you don’t see a class on schedule, send us a message. Private trainings are available!

Happy Clients

“Thanks Harmony! I feel so much more calm and relaxed. Work had been so stressful and now my days seem so easy! And I have noticed more virility lately! As I had mentioned I had been having some difficulty as of late and now I feel like I am in my twenties again!”

“Wow! I feel amazing Harmony! Thank you! And I woke up this morning and noticed that the pain I was having in my lower back is completely gone.”

Tantra Couples Session

“Thanks for the amazing couples sessions. We had a great time and even though things were great between us. I feel even closer to my partner now more than ever. Thanks so much Harmony! We cannot wait to return for another session and learn more!”


Luxury, quality & comfort

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