What is it to become a Harmony Tantra practitioner?

Have you always wanted to find away to help others? Do you have a gift to heal? Are you already a holistic healer and looking for more effective ways to assist your clients? Become a Harmony Tantra Certified Practitioner.

Harmony Tantra is a comprehensive, two and a half day intensive program designed to help you delve into your own healing practice immediately upon completion.

At Harmony Tantra discover the ability to find your magic. This unique training will help you bring through your authentic self as a healer, develop your strengths, and embrace your weaknesses as you learn the art of sacred sensuality.

Not only does Harmony Tantra give you extensive knowledge on Tantric philosophy and fundamentals, it is also an exploration into your own self as well.  As you learn to assist others along their own journey, you will find your own self-awareness through the practice of Tantra.

Harmony Tantra will help you to discover the imbalance’s in each individual and how to harmonize their energy system. You will be able to safeguard your clients with tools and techniques they can take into their everyday life such as breath control, ejaculation control, and other basic Tantric practice’s. Not only are you providing an amazing authentic tantric healing to your clients, you will also pass to them basic Tantric knowledge they can utilize forever.

Harmony has assisted hundred’s into their own practice of Tantra over the past decade.  At Harmony Tantra we will assist you with promotional materials and you will learn how to book your own clients as part of your training.  If you prefer, the corporate office can assist you in your bookings.  Just ask us how!

As we are ever evolving creature’s of this glorious universe, Harmony Tantra is constantly in flux as well.  Our program strives to bring you the latest and most up to date information possible to your training.  When you become a Harmony Tantra Certified Practitioner you will receive a copy of our newsletter.  And as part of our community your articles are welcomed for review and participation in this global format to keep our healing community connected and lift the vibration of the Tantric spirit in all.

Harmony Tantra also offers continuing education via webinar.  Learn the latest techniques of working with energy, meditations for yourself and your clients, the Kama Sutra Dance and much more. Most CEU’s are available via webinar. Click here for the schedule of Spirit Essentials to assist you in providing your client the best experience possible.

Harmony is available for trainings and sessions in your city. To request a training or sessions in your city please email info@harmonytantra.com