What is Kundalini?
Mysterious or Not?


Let’s first demystify this mysterious word a little bit. Feels elusive, to some it may even seem incomprehensible, but Kundalini is just an energy… well to say it is “just” an energy maybe is too simplistic, but in many ways it is as simple as it is complicated. We all have energy don’t we? If you didn’t have energy, would you be reading this page? Certain energies and how they function are perceived in different ways and given names to help us have a codification of what they do and where they are in the body and around the body.

But we all have Kundalini, it is a vital energy in our body that lies dormant (in most) at the base of our spine. We tap into it, most of the time unknowingly, when we need to finish a project for work or school, maybe to save a loved one, or when a tragedy is occurring. It is a driving force that can help us to manifest whatever it is we are desiring to achieve. Yes we can manifest ANYTHING, as long as it is what we truly desire.

You can ignore your Kundalini energy and pretend it does not exist, however, by acknowledging and cultivating this vital life force we can enhance our life in great proportion if we so choose. When we gently activate our kundalini energy we can create really whatever we want in our life. Spontaneous healing can occur. Dis-ease moves out of the body. Relationships improve and we attract new and positive people, relationships and events into our life.

What do you want more of? Do you want a new career? Higher sexual experiences? A new relationship? To improve an existing relationship? Better health?

Kundalini is an invitation to experience your higher choices, a more divine life, a life you are desiring to have, and to understand that you have the ability to create whatever you want. The only thing holding you back is you.

It is hard to fathom all that Kundalini can bring because most of us are taught the opposite. We are taught that life is hard and to live as we desire is impossible, literally. But what if you have another choice? Are you willing to choose it?

Harmony Tantra sessions help you to gently cultivate your Kundalini energy. There is a lot of “spiritual hype” around spontaneous Kundalini awakenings and fears associated with opening up to this. Harmony Tantra sessions have a specific design and purpose, using key elements of Tantra to help to safely guide your Kundalini energy to grow and assist you in your life.

Sessions can also help to taper sexual energy that is too high, like with anything, life is about balance, if your sexual desire it too high that it is interfering with your everyday life, it is time to cultivate your energy. When you begin to nurture your Kundalini, you have more energy for creative endeavors and to find your higher purpose in your life.

What do you desire to choose? Here is your invitation to choose. What else is possible?