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I am a Brazilian American World Traveler, Mother, Lover and Professional Artist based in Winston Salem North Carolina.  To me, Tantra is a way of life.  Its how we live, breath, touch, taste, feel and see the world.  A Tantric world view does not judge, compare, reject or compete, rather it allows space for all that is.  When we practice Tantra, we are making room for wholeness.  Instead of resisting or holding on, we can simply be and let everything around us be as well.

In Tantra, we use the senses to connect us to the Divinity that we all are.  Through the breath and movement of energy, we are able to release the stress and anxiety that hold us hostage in our daily lives; allowing us to go deeper – experiencing our fullest, most authentic, creative and joyful selves.

As a certified Yoga, Tantra, Meditation, Reiki and EFT practitioner as well as my work as a Personal Wellness Coach, I am able to pull from many practices to best serve you as you release the old and re-connect with the Magicalness that is you!  Together, I will help you feel nurtured, connected, loved and cared for.  May our sessions together lead to a more beautiful, sweet, loving life – filled with joy, ease and true intimacy with yourself and your partners.


Lua Terra