Kama Sutra Dance Private Sessions Bodywork & Classes

Free Your Sensual Essence, Power and Love

Private Sessions from $150 Hr

Embrace your sensual self through this sacred dance.  The Kama Sutra Dance is for everyone.  Discover how these slow sensual movements help you feel alive in your own body putting us in touch with our hearts, ourselves, our lovers, our friends and the world.

You will find true inner joy as each gesture opens you up helping you to gain power in your own body.  You will release tensions and blocks through this magical dance and find your mischievous,  playful, loving nature.

This is an amazing dance that allows you to flourish in freedom and full expression of your sensual self.  You will find a new world of love as you learn to gaze at the world in love, your beloved and yourself!

Kama Sutra Dance Private Session is part sensual body work and dance with the practitioner and client. The practitioner may dance for you, you may dance together and there will be different body strokes while seated, lying down.  This session is designed to help you find freedom in your own sensual essence.

Group Sessions to learn the Kama Sutra Dance at your location or the studio are also available.  Please call or email.