Love time -Session Six


Discover your sensual energy in a whole new light when you experience the culmination of your practice in Harmony Tantric Energetics.

As your understanding of yourself and others has increased thru your prior trainings, feel all your senses now enlivened in this magical session of mutual intimacy where you truly learn to honor and respect yourself as well as the desires of a partner.

This session is a beautiful and exciting mutual exchange of energy which moves to a cushioned surface on the floor, allowing for you to abandon your inhibitions and lift your self-confidence as you gracefully learn to gently dance with your goddess in a whole new light.

Feel a divine bliss of power like never before in thru this all encompassing movement of mind, body and energetic awareness as you finally achieve an understanding of true giving an receiving in honor, gratitude, and respect of another.

To discover something, is like you have opened your eyes for the first time. Something new and exciting is stirred within and with every new discovery in our life, begins a new journey, as Session 6 Discovery is not the end of your Tantric Journey, but really just the beginning.

Celestial Synergy, Heaven on Earth, Unlike Anything you have ever experienced!