CREATE yourself as you learn more natural control over your movements and yourself through the dynamic breaths and postures of Session Two CREATE!

Become passionate about your life again as the dynamism of session two further propels your sensual energy to new heights, elevating your higher desires as you create a new found connection to self, others and the world.

In Session Two we create more awareness of our body as we learn to further connect through advanced breathing techniques as well as simple yet enlivening postures to keep our energy activated and powerful in our everyday lives!

As you become more engaged in your breath and the conscious movements of your body you will learn to gain more of that calm control over yourself and your experiences as well as figure out what it is that you are truly passionate about in your life. Session Two further awakens these passions and desires through this more lively connection to your divine self.

The soft voice of your goddess awaits as you are again assuaged with her engaging and tranquil melody as your imagination comes alive again with possibilities and passions.

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