Appreciation: Becoming a Tantra God

APPRECIATION for the divine feminine is renewed with this magical session, all while revitalizing your own energy in this reversal of roles as you learn how to give Tantric energy in Harmony Tantra Session Four APPRECIATION.  Become a true God to your Goddess.

You will feel your energy ignited in a new way as your goddess guides you around the contours of the divine feminine body assisting you step by step through the process for stimulating the sensual energy and how to enhance your own sensual or sexual experience’s.

This session allows you patience and a new awareness and appreciation for sharing energy and stimulating your own partner’s (or partner to be’s) energy in a new and highly effective way.  As you learn the secrets of sacred sensuality and how to truly bring them into a relationship you will begin to sense your own life force in a new way as well as how to cultivate a calmness and tenderness your partner yearns for.

Harmony Tantra Session Four is extremely helpful for PE as you learn how to touch a partner with grace and ease all while maintaining your own serene arousal of the senses.

Harmony Tantra Session Four teaches you to give the sessions one and two you received on the massage table.


*Advanced sessions can be particularly beneficial additions to aiding in the relief of such concerns such as PE, sexual confidence, and other sexual dysfunctions.  You must have experienced the first three sessions of harmony tantra.

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