Expression: Becoming a Tantra God ii

EXPRESS yourself as you learn to further refine your techniques of bestowing Tantric Energies unto your Goddess in Harmony Tantra Session Five EXPRESSION.  Learn to rhythmically move your body over your goddess in complete harmony as you learn the subtleties of gifting Harmony Tantra Session Three from the cushioned surface on the floor.

Experience how to provide an amazing energetic transference as your goddess entrusts you with further secrets of sacred sensuality.  You will learn to effectively body glide over your partner, experience the dynamics of energetic breath and how to gently caress and hold your partner in the phenomenal Yab Yum.

Find comfort in the power of your touch and regain your natural confidence to renew or re-energize a relationship (existing or future) as you commit to the contribution of yourself and reap the rewards of realizing your own sacred sensuality.  You will become a more amazing person, a more amazing lover, and more amazing in achieving whatever you desire.



* Advanced sessions can be particularly beneficial additions to aiding in the relief of such concerns such as PE, sexual confidence, and other sexual dysfunctions.  You must have experienced sessions 1-4 before completing Session five.

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