Stress, worry, and anxiety are examples of a few negative energies that squander energy away from the body and lead to a variety of physical and emotional problems. Through breath work (pranayama), physical movement (asana), meditation, sound work, and guided movement of the energy in the body, the life force energy of the body (prana) can be re-established leading to love, creativity, inner joy and peace.

These traits are already within you! Let me help you better unleash them. I am trained in yoga with specialty in tantra. In our sessions, I will activate the energy centers of the body and begin to clear them so that prana energy can flow unhindered through your body. I offer a space which is safe, discrete, non-judgemental, and empathetic. I ask that you bring your authentic self (wherever you are or how you’re feeling) and a willingness to be open to learning how to connect your mind and body.