ALBANY, NY (Colonie)


Imagine…..the room is a soft periwinkle blue, bamboo flutes quietly welcome you inward as your senses surrender to the sensual scents of sandalwood and jasmine. Your eyes soften and close, your breathing slows down as you inhale deeply allowing the moment to fully embrace you. I reach out taking your hands carefully in mine to guide you on your personal journey into the world of Tantra…now breath.

I am Inanna, the Goddess of love and sexualness. I embrace all divine expressions of sensuality. I am honored to assist you in your sacred journey in the healing energies of Tantra. It is through the awakening of the kundalini energy where you will begin to find peace and balance within your life. Our bodies naturally seek a state of good health and vitality but with the stress of everyday life, we tend to forget how truly perfect we are resulting in physical, mental and spiritual imbalances. I am here to help you remember that you are a unique spiritual reflection of the Divine and you deserve the life you deeply desire.

I will guide you through breath work and postures that will enhance your daily life making you more aware of how you think, communicate and interact with everyone around you. My focus and talents from years of energy work as a Reiki Master and Therapeutic Touch Practitioner will assist you in your journey on the path of Tantra.

In peace, blessings and abundance.